Adios Amigos… New employer, here I come!!

So, this is my final week working at Fivium… Friday is my last day.

I’ve been reminiscing about all the things that I’ve learned from working at Fivium over the past 2 years, and have also been wondering about the impact that I’ve made within the organisation.

Fivium never had a tester before I joined them, so I was given the opportunity to set up the testing process within the organisation and was given room to mould that process and stamp it into place.
Although I was used to this situation, having been in similar roles previously, I remember it being different when I first joined here. There was a certain respect there from the offset from the company, where their ears were open and there was definitely a willingness to listen to my advice and plans.

I have definitely been given room to grow as a tester at Fivium. Through self-studying aswell as going on courses and attending testing conferences. I was given the fantastic opportunity to attend the Rapid Software Testing course held by James Bach! This dramatically enhanced my knowledge of exploratory testing, taught me to think more laterally and also allowed me to discover various test management methods such as Session Based Testing (which I then took back to Fivium and implemented along with the use of mind maps).

I’ve been given a lot of freedom in implementing new tools that enhance the testing process too, and have also even created some test tools of my own (download the “Test Data Generator” tool).

During these past few years, I’ve also managed to get more involved in the testing community too – I discovered the London Tester Gathering, the Software Testing Club, the Ministry of Testing, the massive testing community on Twitter, and I also started writing this blog!

Working at Fivium has been a great learning curve for me due to the fast paced RAD development environment, which allowed me to take on and adopt a rapid testing, exploratory approach.

This coupled with the amazing developers that I have had the chance to work with (and learn from), has made my time at Fivium fantastic! (Thanks guys!)
I hope some of my testing knowledge has rubbed off on the guys here. And I hope that the processes that I’ve been able to establish have helped (and continue to help) to make a difference in aiding the quality of each system.

Long may Fivium’s hard work be rewarded! I wish all the guys there the best of luck for the future, and definitely hope that everyone there will keep in touch with me!

Next up for me: my new adventure at a new employer, which begins on Monday!!
I’ll be joining a huge test team of 45+ testers, so the contrast from previously being a sole tester will be huge!
This move will open so many new learning opportunities for me, which I’m really excited about.

I’ll keep you posted in my next blog about how my first week goes! 😀

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