About Me

Hi! I’m Dan Ashby

I am the Director of Quality Services at Ada Health, working remotely from the UK.
My past roles include: Head of Quality Engineering at Photobox, Head of Testing in the B2C department at eBay, Global Head of Software Quality & Testing in AstraZeneca’s Testing Services Team, Deputy Head of Testing at Lab49 (a fintech consultancy), and Test/Quality Coach at various other companies working across different kinds of business domains and tech domains.

I’m a software testing enthusiast with a modern view of software testing.
I view “types of testing” as being testing that is focussed on a specific type of risk (E.g. performance testing is testing focussed on the risks of performance, accessibility testing is testing focussed on the risks surrounding accessibility, functional testing is testing focussed around the software’s functionality, etc). Did you know that there are 100+ different types of product risks that can affect your software? For this, we need to utilise an exploratory testing approach to investigate these risks and unknowns that affect our ideas for solutions and our software implementation, while utilising an automation approach for asserting any expectations regarding how the software is expected to operate.

I have experience of heading, leading, managing, training, coaching, mentoring and inspiring testers and teams regarding software testing and Agile, with success in building a culture of quality within many organisations. I also have experience influencing and helping people overcome misunderstandings that they might have about software testing, automation, agile, BDD, and a range of processes and mindsets.

I am the co-founder of the Ministry of Testing Essentials training programme (formally known as the Software Testing Clinic), along with Mark Winteringham (check it out here: https://www.ministryoftesting.com/essentials).
I also co-host the “Testing in the Pub” podcast about software testing, psychology in testing, leadership and management topics along with Steve Janaway (check out the podcast here: www.testinginthepub.co.uk).
I also regularly speak at conferences and meet-ups across the world too. You can see some of my talks that were recorded on my upcoming talks page.

You can probably tell that I really enjoy being involved in the testing community. I strongly encourage people to get involved to learn more about the craft! If you’ve been learning from the community already, please start giving back – help others that are looking to learn about testing too.

Follow me on Twitter: @danashby04
Connect with me on LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/dan-ashby/

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