Test Tools!

Test Tool: Test Data Generator

This tool allows for the quick creation of sample test data to paste into an input field.
Download it by clicking on this link: Download Test Data Generator

This tool was created by myself and my friend Gavin Rendell.


Some of my most used testing tools in my toolkit

Xmind – mind mapping software
Firebug – Firefox dev tools
Fiddler – a proxy tool for intercepting your web traffic
Lync – an instant messaging app that allows file sharing and screen sharing
Test Data Generator – allows you to generate test data within a few clicks (shameless plug again 🙂 )
Scite – a nice text editor that you can run scripts from and it has an output panel to see the results
ZAP – another proxy tool that was created by OWASP
Xenu’s Link Sleuth – a link checker tool for web apps and web sites
– A good old moleskin notepad and pen!
Beyond Compare – a great tool for comparing things (like 2 files, or 2 DBs, or 2 websites, etc) to see the differences between them
Jing – a really nice, intuitive screenshot tool with built in editing and it also allows you to record videos of selected areas (plus its free!).

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