About Me

Hi! I’m Dan Ashby.

I am the Head of Testing within the “Seller Velocity” area at eBay, based in London.

I am a context-driven testing enthusiast and I have a diverse range of experience in lots of different domains, from government to e-commerce… Finance to mobile… Printer software/hardware/firmware to pharma… Plus everything in between.

I view “types of testing” as being testing that is focussed on that type of risk (E.g. performance testing is testing focussed on the risks of performance, accessibility testing is testing focussed on the risks surrounding accessibility, functional testing is testing focussed around the software’s functionality, etc). And there are 100+ different types of risks that can affect software products and we should be utilising an exploratory testing approach to investigate these risks that affect our software.

I have experience of heading, leading, managing, training, coaching, mentoring and inspiring testers and project teams regarding anything testing and anything agile. I also have experience influencing and helping people overcome misunderstandings that they might have about software testing, automation, agile, BDD, and a whole range of processes or mindsets.

I am the co-founder of the Software Testing Clinic – a free, safe, community that run monthly testing workshops in some of the main cities in the UK (www.softwaretestingclinic.com). We help to train testers with less experience and help give people with more experience the chance to get into mentoring. I also co-host a podcast (testinginthepub.co.uk). And I regularly speak at conferences and meet-ups all over the world. I enjoy being involved in the testing community and encourage people to also get involved to learn more about the craft.

Follow me on Twitter: @danashby04
Check out my blog: http://danashby.co.uk
Listen to my Podcast: http://testinginthepub.co.uk

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