Upcoming Talks

I’ll be speaking at the following conferences this year:

ROMANIA TESTING CONFERECE – “Testing Your Ideas” Keynote & Workshop

REBELCON – “Continuous Testing in Agile” Talk

AGILE 2019 – “Agile Testing” Circuit Training Session

CULTURECON 2019 – “Growing Your Career – A Model For Decoding Your Impact” Talk (Paired with Alasdair Clark)

CULTURECON 2019 – “Building Relationships For Successful Agile & DevOps Teams” Workshop (paired with Lisa Crispin)

MoT London – “Thinking About Quality” Talk

If you are interested in me speaking or running a workshop at your company, conference or meetup, please get in touch!

Recorded past talks:

“Testing in Agile” – Brown bag talk @ Net-A-Porter

“Lateral & Critical Thinking” – talk @ Liverpool Tester Gathering

“Power of Models” – talk @ TestBash San Francisco

“How I Interview Testers” – webinar on The Dojo

“How To Succeed With Difficult People” – talk @ TestBash New York

“Forget MVP – what you need is SMURFS” – talk @ London CD meetup

“Influence: Why Tea Can Be a Great Test Tool” – webinar on EuroSTAR

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