99 Second Talk – Customers VS Users

A 99 second talk discussing the ambiguity of the definition of Quality, being “value to someone who matters”, and discussing the differences between Customers and Users – both of which should be considered when it comes to quality and value.


Stylish Mobile Testing

I presented the “Stylish Mobile Testing: Overcoming the challenges of testingĀ mobile software” presentation at the Next Generation Testing Conference, hosted in London, with Nehir Yelkovan.

Me and Nehir are also performing an adapted and enhanced version of this talk at Eurostar this year.


Influence: Why tea can be a great test tool

I performed a shortened version of this talk at the London Tester Gathering Back in May 2014.
I then performed the full version of this talk at a brown bag session in the head office of Visa and at a Testing Community session at Net-A-Porter.


Lateral and Critical Thinking Skills for Testers

I am performing this Thinking Skills talk at Agile Testing Days in November 2014. If you are looking to attend this conference and have not yet bought tickets, then get in touch for a 15% discount code!



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