I’m speaking at next month’s Next-Gen-Testing Conference!

It feels like it’s been a while since I last wrote a blog post – almost a full month, but that’s because I’ve been preparing for my first time ever talking at a conference, which I’ve signed myself up to do next month… It’ll be at the Next Generation Testing Conference on the 23rd of May (details can be found here: http://www.next-generation-testing.com/index.php).

I’ll be talking about some of the challenges of testing mobile software: ‘device fragmentation’, ’emulators & simulators’, ‘mobile apps vs mobile web’ and ‘mobile automation’. I’ll also be talking about how we currently overcome these challenges in my organisation at the moment.

I’ll be performing the talk with one of my colleagues, Nehir Yelkovan (@nehiryel), and it’s Nehir’s first time speaking in public too, but she is somewhat of an expert in the subject of mobile testing (which means I’m in safe hands!!).

You can book a place here if you are interested in coming along (for support! 🙂 ) – There is a 20% discount on the ticket price if you mention “LondonTester.com” (Thanks to LondonTester for mentioning that).

I’ll post another blog post after the talk too, to detail the whole experience and the rest of the talks on the day too!

3 thoughts on “I’m speaking at next month’s Next-Gen-Testing Conference!

  1. Good for you! I’m actually surprised that this will be your first talk; you post a wealth of good stuff on this blog all of which would make great talks.

    Best of luck and remember that public speaking is always nerve wracking but you improve with practice. In other words, no matter what you should keep submitting those proposals 🙂


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