I’m speaking at Agile Testing Days 2014!

And so it’s been official for a few days now. I have been accepted to speak at this years Agile Testing Days conference later in November in Potsdam, Berlin.

I attended last year and it was such a great conference with lots of amazing people from all over the world. You can read about the whole experience of last years event in a three-part blog series that I wrote, covering all of the talks and workshops that I attended: Lessons Learned from Agile testing Days (part 1), Lessons Learned from Agile testing Days (part 2), Lessons Learned from Agile testing Days (part 3).

At this year’s event, I will be speaking on the Day 3 of the conference (13th November) in the 40 minute slot before lunch. šŸ™‚

My talk is going to be about Lateral and Critical Thinking Skills for Testers. I’m hoping that it will be quite an active session with some thinking challenges and activities that will require some good audience participation. You can find out more information on my session here: http://www.agiletestingdays.com/session/lateral-and-critical-thinking-skills-for-testers/

Details of the full program can be found here too. And you can also now register to attend the event via this link.

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