Let’s Test Day 1… What a day!

Wow. It’s 5am and I’ve just got back in from socialising with Michael Bolton, Lars Sjodahl and Philip Quinn (a fellow Glaswegian) where I left them after the past hour of telling some classic jokes and Michael playing his mandolin (and me and Philip getting into the full swing of things being reminded of back home).

Today was my first day at Let’s Test, ever. And it was a great day.

I presented my workshop with Christina Ohanian – “Visual Creativity: A workshops on Sketch-noting and Mind- mapping”, which seemed to go down a treat with people learning both sketch-noting of requirements for better communication and collaboration and creativity as a whole, as well as how to document their exploratory testing notes through mind-maps. We incorporated a short retrospective to get some valuable feedback at the end of the session from the participants. There was some great feedback as well as some valuable points to take in to account for next week’s workshop at the LTG Workshops.

Before our session was Emma Armstong’s workshop where she ran through utilising paper wireframes for generating initial test ideas and then she introduced an application (based on the wireframe) which we applied various testing heuristics to. I thought it was great.

Before that, was Ben Simo’s keynote talk “There was not a breach, there was a blog”. Although I have seen the CAST video of this talk, it was equally effective the second time around.

Ben was involved in some puzzles at my table in the evening too. He had supplied some of his own puzzles that I must admit I was struggling with 🙂
It was all fun though and there was some great learning and collaboration going on as I set some puzzles of my own for others to solve.

I am extremely proud in my teams quiz achievements before the puzzles got into full swing thought! Me, Lars, Chris Chant, Christina and Emma Armstrong managed the unthinkable of winning the “testers quiz”, beating Michael Bolton and Paul Holland’s team (that Richard Bradshaw was in too). I think we utilized our bragging rights for the remainder of the night and I’ll keep utilizing these bragging rights for the remainder of the conference too 😉 (especially with Richard!)

So, tonight has been one to remember, especially with Philip bringing a bottle of whisky (yes, me and him made it through the full bottle).

And here’s to tomorrow, where I’ve hoping to start my day in Dan Billing and Bill Matthews’ full day workshop on “Exploring Web App (In)Securities”.

Look out for my blog post on day 2 (coming in the early hours of tomorrow morning no doubt!) 🙂

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