A Better Testing Pyramid

The Automation Triangle (or pyramid) has continually caused a bit of a stir in the testing world. It has been mislabelled many times to be called a "testing" triangle. It has been abused in many companies by being followed as a "test strategy". It has been butchered in ways that cause further misunderstandings and has [...]


Liverpool Tester Gathering – best tester meetup ever?

My answer to my own question above: Yes! Quite possibly! There certainly is something special going on up there... 🙂 I recently spoke at the @LplTesterGathering and what a tester gathering it was! The place was BUZZING! Packed to the brim with around 110 people showing up and not a quiet person in the room [...]

“Acceptance Testing” – What does it mean?

There are loads of people who use the term "acceptance testing"... Most people have different definitions of what this means. And more still will struggle to even define what they mean personally with the term when they say it. I also regularly hear the words "feature files" mentioned in some of those conversations when people are [...]

Information, and its relationship with testing and checking

UPDATE: Thanks to John Stevenson for his feedback of the model, I've updated the model appropriately to represent the fact that checking activities also inform our testing, (as John described in the comments below). Also, thanks again to everyone else who has reviewed and fed back on the model too.  One of the biggest problems [...]

Tales from TestBash NY

TestBash is one of the best context driven testing conferences ever. And although I've always wanted to speak at TestBash in Brighton, my talk submissions have never really fitted the theme... Until TestBash NY!! I was extremely lucky and honored to be speaking at TestBash NY, doing a talk on "How to succeed with difficult [...]