Agile 2017 Testing Track talk submissions are open till the 6th of February!

This year, I’m proud to be co-chairing the Agile 2017 conference’s testing track alongside the amazing Emma Armstrong (@EmmaATester).

The Agile 2017 conference is based in Orlando this year, and is due to take place on the 7th-11th of August. More info on the conference can be found here:

The talk submissions are open right now, but only for a handful more weeks! The submissions close on the 6th of February, so get your submissions in for review ASAP!
More details on the submissions process along with some advice can be found here:

I’m really looking forward to getting some great submissions from you!


If you don’t fancy submitting a talk, but are interested in attending the conference, then here’s a link to the registration page:

(If you are an Agile Alliance member, then there are some big discounts to be had!)

Here’s some info about attending this year’s exciting Testing & Quality track:

If you are a tester, developer, business analyst, designer, product owner, scrum master, coach, manager, or anyone else involved in creating and delivering software, then you’ll definitely get value from attending talks on the Testing and Quality track!
This track is for people who are serious about delivering a quality product. Testing isn’t just about following scripts, checking requirements or making sure that the software “works as expected”… It’s about investigation to uncover information about; the software, the design of the software and even the idea of the software. It’s closely related to psychology, social sciences, journalism, and many other things. And it’s hard!

So come along to the Testing and Quality track to learn about the craft of testing, the essential skills, where testing fits in your processes, why It’s very important, plus much more. You’ll hear about success stories, pitfalls to avoid, and new and innovative techniques to improve outcomes on Agile teams … and teams on the path to agile.
The Testing and Quality sessions will also give you practical ideas, specific techniques, and many examples to take back to your workplace. Many of these sessions will be highly interactive too, which will allow for experiences to be shared among each other.

Hope to see you there!! 🙂

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