Agile 2018 – Quality & Testing track – CALL FOR REVIEWERS

Calling all testers and software people! We need your help!

We need reviewers for the Agile 2018 Conference’s Testing and Quality track!


What’s involved?

If you are keen to be a reviewer, we’ll give you access to our reviewing system, where you can see all the talks and workshops that people submit to our track.

You will be required to review the submissions and provide your feedback on whether each submission is something that you’d like to see or not, providing reasoning on why you feel that way.

We look for at least 3 people to review each submission, and we aim for each of the submissions to be reviewed as promptly as possible.


Providing help to the authors of the submissions

Some people, before submitting, reach out through the submissions system to request help on their submissions.

If this happens, as a reviewer, you can offer your assistance to the authors to help them shape their submissions before formally submitting.

Ideally, we look for this assistance/feedback to be provided within 48 hours of the request for help.


Sign me up!! What’s next?

Great! Reply here to express your interest, or you can even contact me or my co-chair, JeanAnn Harrison, and we’ll add you to the reviewers list. (Please note: we suspect there may be high demand to become a reviewer for the Track, so be quick, as we’ll reviewer spots will be on a first come basis).

Once on the list, we’ll add you to the slack group, get you set up on the system and then we’ll open the submissions on the 2nd of December, ready for you to start reviewing all the submissions!


Anything else?

Please note that reviewing the submissions will require you to dedicate some of your time. Please only put your name forward to review if you have the time to commit to reviewing the submissions.

And that’s all! We look forward to you getting involved and appreciate your help in making the testing and quality track amazing!




7 thoughts on “Agile 2018 – Quality & Testing track – CALL FOR REVIEWERS

  1. Hi Dan,

    I am interested to be a reviewer.

    Regards, Johan



  2. I’m happy to be a reviewer as well. Quick question, what is policy on reviewers also submitting talks, either on this track or others?


  3. Hi Dan,

    I would like to be a reviewer. It sounds really interesting and useful for the community, count me in! 🙂




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