Agile 2018 – Now accepting talks submissions!

San Diego








AGILE 2018 Software Testing & Quality Track is now accepting submissions!

Testers! Developers! BA’s! PO’s! PM’s! Coaches! Agile enthusiasts!

Have you heard the news? The world of software testing is changing! Are you keeping up with all the excitement? Do you have stories to share about how you or your organisation are driving testing forward in an agile world?

We want to hear from YOU!

We’re interested in hearing your submissions for talks and workshops relating to any of the following:

  • Exploratory Testing
  • Automation
  • Testing with new technologies (IoT, VR, etc)
  • AI and ML relating to testing
  • Testing in Agile
  • The psychology side of testing
  • The processes behind testing
  • The evolution of testing

We want to hear about your stories and lessons. We want the conference attendees to have an awesome experience learning from the great talks and workshops containing your stories and lessons. Submit them NOW!

To submit a talk or workshop (or both), please follow the process here:

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