The next episode of Testing In The Pub has been released. This time we hit the beer garden over on the canal at Little Venice, near Paddington. In this episode we interviewed the one and only Tony Bruce. Tony is the organiser of the monthly London Tester Gathering meet-up group as well as the Black [...]

Testing In The Pub Episode 8 – “Security Testing” with Dan Billing

It's been a few weeks, but the latest Testing In The Pub pod cast is now here. In this episode, me and Steve interview Dan Billing. We talk in some great detail about security testing - what it is, who should do it, why its important, etc... This episode is the first of a two [...]

Testing In The Pub Episode 7 – “The Schools of Testing”

A new TITP podcast has just been published over on testinginthepub.co.uk. This time, Steve and I talk a bit about the different schools of software testing and about the value and potential of each different testing school/community. We discuss the contrasts and attitudes for each school to each other, and describe our own feelings and [...]